Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Coke vs Pepsi

 How many love to drink Coka- Cola but cannot stand Pepsi? And how many of you can drink loads of Pepsi but no Coke? Or maybe your tastebuds don't care and you can't tell the difference. Well, no matter what side you are on in this war, you are going to find out the truth about you favorite soda.

First off I will tell you the amount of money both competitors are worth and have gained. The Coka- Cola company is worth about 74 billion dollars while Pepsi is only worth 17.9 billion dollars. Once again in coke's favor, they sell 1.7 billion servings a day. Pepsi comes up very short again with 680 million cans. Now don't count pepsi out just yet, many sources say that coke is shrinking in sales and is making bad choices for the company. Unlike pepsi, where they are making the best decisions possible and are growing.

As for the taste part, nobody can really know because we all have different opinions. Pepsi is sweeter than coke and has a chemical after taste. Coke has proven to be more of a cola, too. Also Coke has much more fizz to it and Pepsi is more fluid. These reasons are most of the reasons why people taste different drinks. And if you can't taste the difference... LUCKY!

So, the war between these similar substances has and is currently being dominated by Coka- Cola. But I would not be surprised if pepsi takes the lead in the battle. So next time you take a sip of these drinks think of this blog.

Monday, September 8, 2014

About Me

Hello, my name is Nicholas. I am going to tell you some facts about me.

  • First of all, I love to play sports (soccer the best), go outside with friends, or just be outside. 
  • I make the best of things and always like to be happy. I love being fun to be around and want a laugh whenever.
  • I always like to listen to music whenever because to me it makes me happy and lightens up everything.
  • My favorite movie of all time is Grown Ups 2.
  • My favorite food is popcorn.
Those are some facts about me.
Hehehe dogs are funny :)