Tuesday, October 7, 2014


My dog Fudge. He is my best friend in the entire world. He is a maltipoo, a poodle and a maltese mix. Fudge is has white fur ( I didn't name him, ask my sister). Right now he is 7 years old. He was born in September and we adopted him in 2006. These are some facts about my dog Fudge.

I love Fudge no matter how crazy he can get. Every morning I wake up to him sleeping right next to me and when I get home from school he is at the door waiting for me play with him. He is very playful and when he plays fast he start to sneeze uncontrollably. He is very funny. Also did I tell you that Fudge has a girlfriend. Her name is Kylie. They love to play with each other when they are together. That is the only other dog Fudge really gets along with. My dog is a very picky dog. He only eats vegetables and soft foods. My family call him many different things. Nicknames from Floofle to Fudgcicle.

I could not imagine my life right now or before without my dog Fudge. He has been with me for everything and will do anything for me and I would do the same for him. I do not have a brother but I like to think that Fudge is my brother and he is the best I could ask for. He is a well trained puppy that loves me and I love him.

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  1. Nice blog Nick, it was informational. I also have a dog, her name is Lexi. Also, Does Fudge like to play fetch?