Thursday, October 23, 2014

Slice of Life

Last weekend I spend two days at the soccer fields. I love to play soccer and all but I was not the one playing.  I had to watch my sister play. I never like to go and this weekend made it worse. I woke up early Saturday and Sunday. When I went outside it was rainy, muddy and dark. I forced myself to get dressed and ready to go because we had to be there at seven a.m. The first game they won by 4 goals. Then the next game was very funny. We lost by one goal, but I thought someone was going to get thrown out. Both coaches were jumping up and yelling at the referee. The game went from a soccer game to a football game. The next day was not any better. The morning was still wet and muddy. The next game was good until the last few minutes. We lost two to one. My sister was really mad and took it out on me. We waited an hour at the fields and the weather finally got better. It seemed like the last game was going to be the best. But it wasn't and they got killed. So the final outcome of the tournament was that we got last place. This is how I spent my weekend.

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  1. You sound like you were bored. Was it a Rec game or a club game? What grade is your sister in?