Thursday, November 20, 2014


Music is one thing that makes me happy. It is a way for me to connect with myself and relieve stress. I have always been able to connect to music and excel at it, no matter what type of music it is. I think this is because my parents always made sure that I took lessons or learned it in some way . My favorite genre of music right now is pop or party. It makes me happy and helps me concentrate. My favorite band or artist is either MKTO or Imagine Dragons because they have made some of the best songs, or at least the best songs in my mind. Some of them in particular are "Classic" and " On Top of The World". To me music is also a way to create great memories and express yourself. It is used in many different ways to set the mood or tone of an event. Music will has always part of life and will always stay that way. In many different ways is music made and each person likes their own instrument. Music is made from, guitars, pianos, drums, or even your voice. Each person likes to play an instrument, or listen to a specific instrument. That is music to me.

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  1. Nice job nick! This blog is very personalized and very informational. Do you listen to music while you homework, because i do?