Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Narritive Piece

At one place, on one planet, in one galaxy there was a boy. This boy's name was Stanley. Stanley was no average boy. He has the ability of bad. He also has a partner in crime named Rufus. Rufus is Stanley's pet dog. This is a story of how they saved their planet.

One day when Stanley was feeding Rufus the ground started to shake and the sky turned black.

"Bark, Bark," barked Rufus which translates to " Oh, no."

A voice that was heard for miles around sounded saying," Hand over the so called, Stanley, or else. If not done so everyone will be punished. You have until midnight to give him up to me at 999 Random Road."

Stanley was freaked out, what should he do? He needed a plan. He a Rufus set of gathering any kind of weapon they could find. After an hour of searching they were equipped with great things such as, stink bombs, silly string and fireworks. He and Rufus marched out of their house and charged after this evil person. Then they realized that they don't know where 999 Random Road is. So they went back inside and got a map. Shortly after that, they arrive at this old abandon house.

"Ok, Rufus, you go in the back and I'll go in the front to surprise them," whispered Stanley.

Stanley broke down the door with the fireworks and went inside, silly string in hand. He turned on the lights and everyone jumped out at once yelling," Surprise!"

It was all a set up for a surprise party for him. Everyone he knew was there and they partied all night long. For once he thought that he did not have bad luck.



Thursday, March 12, 2015



For my recent, fourteenth birthday I got a brand new chess board. I know it seems a little nerdy but it is a lot of fun. I am not that good because I have only played against my sister. I want to teach the rest of my family but they think it is too hard. So far I really enjoy playing it and I am going to tell you how to play.

First of all, the objective of the game is to capture your opponents king. When and if you can do that the game is over and the player says "checkmate". You have sixteen pieces as well as your opponent, but they all have different rules. You have eight pawns which can only move forward and able to capture a piece only by moving diagonal. Next you have two rooks and they can only move forward, backward and side to side. Besides the king and queen I think that they are the most important. Anyway, you also have knights and bishops and knights can only move in a L shape while bishops can only move diagonal. Finally you have the king and queen which you want to protect all the time. They can do pretty much anything. Those are what all the pieces are and what they can do.

Chess may sound hard to learn or really dumb but trust me it is a lot of fun. That is what chess is basically all about. I think that it challenges your intelligence and that is why I like to play chess.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Snow Days

I love when I get a day off of school for a snow day. Even though we have to make it up eventually they are really fun. I spend my snow days usually being outside all day or just relaxing.

When I get the call that school is cancelled I am happy because at that moment I can turn my alarm clock off. This allows me to sleep in as late as I want and when I wake up I can do whatever. Normally, I watch TV or play video games until all my friends are ready to come outside. Outside I go to this big hill in my neighborhood and sled/ snowboard. Just recently we built this ramp so that made it really interesting. We have went down that hill so many time now that it is super icy and fast. Then after being outside for hours I go back to my house and eat dinner and hope for a two hour delay the next day. Since I finished all my homework I can relax all evening. That is what I do most of my snow days.

I really enjoy my snow days even if it sounds very traditional and boring. Some of you may spend your days off much differently but never the less they are still awesome. Everything I mentioned above is all really fun but to me the best part of snow days are not having to be at school. That is what I love about snow days.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Persuasive Article

As a middle school student, I believe that students should be allowed to keep their cell phones with them during the day. I am not saying that they should be able to use them during class but we should be able to at least have them with us. Teachers have their phones with them during the day so why can't students. What if there was some kind of emergency and we needed access to our cell phones. Also when teachers use their phones during class time it does not seem fair. Even if we were not allowed to keep our phones with us, then make a rule that allows us to use technology during lunches or eighth period. Give the hard working students a little more freedom because we do not get a lot of that. If we use it with wrong intensions then you can punish that individual student. Besides what is the worst that would happen if students could keep their phones with them. We work hard enough and what if there was some kind of emergency that we needed to contact someone. Why would it be so bad to keep our phones with us, teachers do and nothing bad happens. To finish it off, there is nothing wrong with students keeping their cell phones with them as long as they do not use them, unless authorized. We should be given more freedom by keeping our phones with us at all times. It would be the fair thing to do.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

My First Triathlon

On Sunday, February 8th I am participating in my very first triathlon. A triathlon includes events of swimming, biking and running. Usually you get a certain distance you have to achieve, but since it is winter time I am doing it inside and it doesn't matter how far you go. Here are some details about the event and how I prepared for it.

This triathlon is called the Tri To Help. It was created to help fight against epilepsy. All the proceeds of the event go to the Epilepsy Foundation. It is taking place in the Universal Athletic club in Lancaster. This particular triathlon starts with a swim in the indoor pool then goes on to the treadmill for a run and finally ends on the bikes. This may seem fun, but it came with a lot of hard work.

I started training for the triathlon about six months before it. I was very lucky when I signed up because the next day it was sold out and I got one of the last spots. Getting prepared for it started with training at the gym once a week, running a few miles two days a week and swimming once a week. Also, every Sunday I took a biking class with another group of people. This kept me very busy but was a lot of fun. I hope to continue doing events such as triathlons after I finish my first.

If you want to visit the website for information about events or anything else here is a link.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Christmas Vacation

    I had an amazing Christmas vacation. It is always my favorite holiday of all. Many people say they only like Christmas because of the gifts they receive, but I like Christmas for other reasons ( I still enjoys presents though). This is the Christmas vacation that I had.

I'm going to start right on Christmas day. I got many amazing presents including a new Iphone and some clothes. I spend all day playing with my new things and then later that night I went to my grandparents house for Christmas dinner. I had a great day and the rest were going to be better. My cousins came the next day and we spent the next week with them. That is my favorite thing about the holidays. It is that you get to see your family and have fun with them. We played outside everyday despite the cold weather. Our favorite thing we did was have our annual football game. That was my favorite part of my break.

After my cousins left the next few days became a lot more uneventful. I relaxed and enjoyed being off school for another week. I spent a few days at friend’s houses and others just at my house. Soon enough, another holiday came along, and that was New Years. New years eve comes with many great traditions. You get to stay up all night with your friends and have fun. New years also marks the end of my vacation. With only a few days left of break, I look back and wish I did more.

That was my Christmas vacation. It was very fun and I love getting presents, seeing friends and family, and most importantly, not being at school.