Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Christmas Vacation

    I had an amazing Christmas vacation. It is always my favorite holiday of all. Many people say they only like Christmas because of the gifts they receive, but I like Christmas for other reasons ( I still enjoys presents though). This is the Christmas vacation that I had.

I'm going to start right on Christmas day. I got many amazing presents including a new Iphone and some clothes. I spend all day playing with my new things and then later that night I went to my grandparents house for Christmas dinner. I had a great day and the rest were going to be better. My cousins came the next day and we spent the next week with them. That is my favorite thing about the holidays. It is that you get to see your family and have fun with them. We played outside everyday despite the cold weather. Our favorite thing we did was have our annual football game. That was my favorite part of my break.

After my cousins left the next few days became a lot more uneventful. I relaxed and enjoyed being off school for another week. I spent a few days at friend’s houses and others just at my house. Soon enough, another holiday came along, and that was New Years. New years eve comes with many great traditions. You get to stay up all night with your friends and have fun. New years also marks the end of my vacation. With only a few days left of break, I look back and wish I did more.

That was my Christmas vacation. It was very fun and I love getting presents, seeing friends and family, and most importantly, not being at school.

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  1. I enjoyed how you split your story into a few paragraphs. At the end of winter break, I also wish I did more. What other activities did you do outside with your cousins?