Thursday, January 29, 2015

My First Triathlon

On Sunday, February 8th I am participating in my very first triathlon. A triathlon includes events of swimming, biking and running. Usually you get a certain distance you have to achieve, but since it is winter time I am doing it inside and it doesn't matter how far you go. Here are some details about the event and how I prepared for it.

This triathlon is called the Tri To Help. It was created to help fight against epilepsy. All the proceeds of the event go to the Epilepsy Foundation. It is taking place in the Universal Athletic club in Lancaster. This particular triathlon starts with a swim in the indoor pool then goes on to the treadmill for a run and finally ends on the bikes. This may seem fun, but it came with a lot of hard work.

I started training for the triathlon about six months before it. I was very lucky when I signed up because the next day it was sold out and I got one of the last spots. Getting prepared for it started with training at the gym once a week, running a few miles two days a week and swimming once a week. Also, every Sunday I took a biking class with another group of people. This kept me very busy but was a lot of fun. I hope to continue doing events such as triathlons after I finish my first.

If you want to visit the website for information about events or anything else here is a link.

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