Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Narritive Piece

At one place, on one planet, in one galaxy there was a boy. This boy's name was Stanley. Stanley was no average boy. He has the ability of bad. He also has a partner in crime named Rufus. Rufus is Stanley's pet dog. This is a story of how they saved their planet.

One day when Stanley was feeding Rufus the ground started to shake and the sky turned black.

"Bark, Bark," barked Rufus which translates to " Oh, no."

A voice that was heard for miles around sounded saying," Hand over the so called, Stanley, or else. If not done so everyone will be punished. You have until midnight to give him up to me at 999 Random Road."

Stanley was freaked out, what should he do? He needed a plan. He a Rufus set of gathering any kind of weapon they could find. After an hour of searching they were equipped with great things such as, stink bombs, silly string and fireworks. He and Rufus marched out of their house and charged after this evil person. Then they realized that they don't know where 999 Random Road is. So they went back inside and got a map. Shortly after that, they arrive at this old abandon house.

"Ok, Rufus, you go in the back and I'll go in the front to surprise them," whispered Stanley.

Stanley broke down the door with the fireworks and went inside, silly string in hand. He turned on the lights and everyone jumped out at once yelling," Surprise!"

It was all a set up for a surprise party for him. Everyone he knew was there and they partied all night long. For once he thought that he did not have bad luck.




  1. I like the way you had a plot twist at the end. Who was this person that set up the surprise party? I have a dog and from your interpretation of a dog's language, then my dog must be saying "oh no", a lot.

  2. I liked how your story took place in the galaxy and had a dog in it! Who set up the surprise?????? I wrote a story kind of like this one before, too.